PBA Qualifiers Doubler & Salmon make the World Indoor Pairs Final

16 January, 2017

In the second semi final of the Just 2017 World Indoor Open Pairs Championships it was the Welsh duo of Damian Doubler & Daniel Salmon that took on England’s Mark Dawes and Jamie Chestney. What a cracking second semi final as they started in the first set taking 4 shots in the first two ends. Chestney and Dawes took a double on the next, Doubler and Salmon then taking a single. Chestney and Dawes regrouped and then took a count of 4 in the fifth end to make the score 6-5 but then the Welsh duo slammed the door on the first set as they took four shots and set in the next two ends 6-9.

Into the second set and it was obvious that Chestney and Dawes had regrouped yet again and perhaps Doubler and Salmon had slightly relaxed - whatever it was it was the English Duo that powered their way right through the set to take it 9-1 and so the tie break started. It was here that things went awry as Doubler and Salmon took the first end, Chestney and Dawes the next and so we went into the last end of the tie break all square. Once again here the luck just seemed to desert the English duo as the Welsh pair held shot and twice Chestney was only marginally overweight as he went for the draw against the Welsh and twice his bowl just hung out on the line to slide just outside of the shot bowl and two highly delighted qualifiers from Wales now find themselves in the Open Pairs Final against Les Gillett and Jason Greenslade on Monday 23rd January at 1.00 live on the opening programme of the BBC World Indoor Cham[pionships programme - Howzat for two Welsh PBA Qualifiers - just shows that it can be done against some of the greatest players within the World Bowls Tour