Paxton goes through

Paxton Action
19 January, 2016

Paxton ActionRobert Paxton against Mark Royal for the first match of the morning at Potters Resort in the Just Retirement World Championships and it was another really close match with both players again playing well. The first set was a fighting affair as both players were inching each other off the jack and it got to a 4 all draw at end 6. Paxton found two singles in the next two ends but then Royal rocked him back on his heels as he took a well placed running bowl for a count of three in the last end to take the set 7-6.

Into the second set and it was again Royal that started off well going 5-2 up by the 4th end, then Paxton played a brilliant shot to take a treble in the 5th end to take the score 5all. Royals wheels then came off the wagon as Paxton went on to take a further 7 shots in the next 3 ends and close the second set out 5-12. Tiebreak time and it was again Paxton that withstood Royal to take the first two ends and match.