Paxton books his slot

6 November, 2019

Second match of the afternoon was between two former World Indoor Champions, Andy Thomson MBE and Robert Paxton. Both well used to appearances on the portable rink here in Scotland.

It was Paxton that got off to a roaring start 5 shots against Thomson’s 2 in the first four ends. Thomson got a great single on end five and then in end 6 played great bowls to take a three count, making him 6,5 up. But that was all that Paxton was going to allow him as he took the next three ends with a double and two singles to clinch set 1 by 6,9.

Andy Thomson watching his bowl line down the rink

Second set and it was really all Paxtons way, despite Thomson’s valient efforts it was Paxton that powered his way through to a 4,12 set win. Though Thomson would not use it as an excuse he had twisted his back badly the day before and was in pain in his morning practice so one would think that this perhaps hindered him as the match went on.