paxton books first slot for singles quarter final

21 January, 2020

First match of the day here at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles Championship to a capacity crowd it was World No 9, Jamie Chestney facing up against the World No 8, Robert Paxton and it was a match full of exciting millimetre perfect draws and tricky timing and running shots.

Paxton & Chestney

First set it was a mere 3 all at the end of the fourth, Paxton took a single in end five but Chestney then took the next two ends in style whipping away a double and then a single to go 6,4 up. Paxton dug in deep and played a great conversion shot to take a single in end eight and followed that up with a double in end nine to take the first set 6,7.

Secon set and once again it was a great battle between the two players and by the completion of end five it was only 3 all with Paxton then taking end four with a two count . Chestney managed to get a single away on end seven but again it was Paxton that held on to two singles over the next two ends to take the second set and match 4,7.