paxton adds to the second round

3 November, 2019

Robert Paxton was up against Irish Qualifier Graham McKee in the first of the afternoons session at the Scottish International Open here at the Dewars Centre in Perth which is hosted by Live Active.

With a first few tentative ends from both players in the first set neither looked quite on the ball, but it was Paxton then that gathered steam and got stuck into the match. At the 6th end it was all square at 5 all and then Paxton took the next three ends in quick succession to take the first set 10,5.

Into the second set and although Mckee valiantly tried to keep Paxton at bay it was to no real success as Paxton kept his bowls well within whatever McKee produced. Despite McKee having good bowls at the head it was Paxton that always managed to have the last say with his bowls and he whittled away at McKee to take the set and match 6,4.