Paul Foster MBE receives devastating news

11 January, 2018

Current World Indoor Champion, Paul Foster MBE, was on the way to Potters Resort in Norfolk on Thursday 11th January from his home town of Troon to compete in the World Indoor Championships, he had almost reached his destination when he received a shock telephone call to inform him that his father had suddenly passed away.

Foster immediately turned around to return back to his family home and telephoned the WBT Team at the Resort to say that he had to withdraw from the World Indoor Open Pairs and the World Indoor Mixed Pairs in the World Championships.

The WBT Team, players and those at the Resort who know Paul send their heartfelt condolences and support for Paul and his family at this harrowing time. We all wish him and his family all the very best over the course of the hard time ahead.

Under the WBT rules, as the event had not yet started, Foster’s place in the Pairs will be taken up by World Ranked No. 17 , Neil Furman whilst in the Mixed Pairs it will be fellow Scot, World Ranked No. 9, Darren Burnett who will move into the vacated position.