on form harlow dismisses paxton and goes into the final

11 November, 2016

The first semi final of the Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open was an all England affair. Defending champion Greg Harlow continued the top class drawing he has produced all week to take a 7.2 lead after five ends. End six another two for Harlow and the man from Cambridge dominating every end. Paxton under pressure in the first set tried his best to fight off Harlow, but it was anther shot to Harlow at end seven. Paxton striking but failing to take all Harlows shots out of the head. Harlow 10.2 ahead with two ends to play. This was the seventh appearance at this event for Paxton and his fifth semi final. A fantastic venue for the man from Taunton but was this a game too far in this years event? Paxton on the board at the last end with one shot but it was Harlow who took the opening set 10.3.

End one of the second set and was Paxton’s luck going to change? An outstanding runner from Paxton took the jack into the ditch. Harlow failed to draw and Paxton picked up two shots at the first end. Shorter jack from Paxton but again Harlow picks up a shot. End three and its Harlow again. End after end after end forcing Paxton into shots that are hard to play. Another two shots to Harlow 3.2 to the defending champion. Paxton takes a single shot at the next end and then fortune to Paxton at end five with three shots to add to his tally and take him into a 6.3 lead. End six and we saw one shot to the defending champion Harlow. A packed crowd at Perth watching every shot with delight at the standard on display. End seven and Harlow again piles on the pressure and picks up a one. End eight and Paxton tried everything to count but after the dust settled Harlow went into the last end one shot up 7.6. Could Harlow take his place in the final which would be his nineteenth final in his World Bowl tour career? Harlow holds game with Paxton one bowl left, Paxton misses and Harlow takes the second set 9.6.