on form foster in quarter finals

5 November, 2019

Last match of the day was termed as the Clash of the Titans, probably the most decorated bowls sports players going head to head on the portable rink for a place in the Scottish International Open quarter finals on Thursday this week. Paul Foster MBE & Alex Marshall MBE.

First set and it was Marshall that opened up proceedings taking a count of two, Foster taking the next three ends with two singles and a double. End five was an eye opener as Marshall took a full house of four off Foster. Both players were playing on form and it was enthralling to watch the two masters. Ends 6 & 7 were highly contested singles each but it was Foster that led the way in the next two ends to seal the first set 8,7.

the two masters at work

Into the second set and it was apparent that Foster had gone up a gear as he played near millimetre perfect bowls taking two doubles in ends one and two. Marshall managed to hold onto a single in end three. Foster played superbly taking a treble and then a double in the next two ends to go 9,1 up. Not to be outdone it was Marshall that came back taking a treble in end six, but it was Foster that shut him out taking a single in end seven and closing the set out by only allowing Marshall a single in end eight and nowhere to go. Set to Foster 10,5