Sponsor Opportunities

The World Bowls Tour stage live televised Indoor Professional Bowls Championships throughout the UK featured on BBC Network and Regional Television with packages also taken by Sky Sports and Eurosport and our TV audience figures are in excess of 1.6million for our World Indoor Championships and regularly reach over a combined audience of over 600 thousand for our smaller events . Our events feature the Worlds Top Bowlers in live action events with many unique branding packages available for our Commercial Partners all seen on LIVE television transmissions. Many of our events also feature packaged highlight programmes that give further airings to all branding packages thus giving added value to our Commercial Partners.

The World Bowls Tour has a number of commercial and sponsorship opportunities available for 2017-18 onwards and we are looking for ;

With over 700,000 people playing the sport and 2,000,000+ worldwide an association with the World Bowls Tour and its events is an excellent opportunity to target goods and services at defined audiences.

To find out more please email: [email protected] or download the WBT Prospectus