No luck at the World Championships for the Irish

18 January, 2016

Last match of thGary Kelly Actione afternoon was Alex Marshall MBE against Irish Qualifier Gary Kelly. It was Marshall that started strongly going 7-2 in the lead by the 5th end, though Kelly was doing his best to stop 6 times World Indoor Champion in his tracks but Marshall was having none of it. By the 8th end Marshall was 8-5 up leaving Kelly looking for a triple for the draw or a full house for a win, Kelly managed to hold shots for a few minutes but it was Marshall that put in the killer bowl to take another single and take the first set 9-5

Alex Marshall ActionInto the second set and again Marshall was demonic in his tracks but Kelly did not buckle under and by the end of the 6th end the score was 4 all. Despite all of Kelly’s best efforts it was again Marshall that got the upper hand and he took a further single and a double in the next two ends to take the score 7-4 leaving Kelly a superhuman task of taking a full house away from Marshall to force a tie break, it was not to be as Marshall let only a single slip and it was 6 times World Indoor Champion Alex Marshall MBE that took the set and match 9-5, 7-5