nick brett manages to edge past graham mckee

4 March, 2018

England’s Nick Brett faced off against Ireland’s Graham McKee in what was probably the best match of the tournament thus far. Both players were trading shots to within millimetres of the jack and it was real tension in the air as they both fought to dominate each other on the rink, and neither succeeded.  The first set started off with Brett managing to get a single on each of the two opening ends with McKee taking a singles on the third end. Brett took a single in the fourth and McKee then took a single followed with a double. End seven and it was Brett that played a superb shot to take a treble and go into the lead 6-4. End eight and it was McKee that played superbly to take a double to level the score to 6 all going into the final end which was where Brett rose to the fore and took a single to clinch the set 7-6.

Into the second set and again both players were playing amazing superb shots, but it was Brett that just seemed to have the slightest of edges on McKee as he slowly pulled away. By end four Brett was 5-2 up and took a further two hard fought singles in the next two ends to go 7-2 up. McKee dug his heels in and took two singles over the next two ends but it left him a mountain to climb, needing a full house on the final end. So, into the last end, McKee has played out of his skin and lies three with his first three bowls - then Brett plays his third and he plays a just overweight timer, collides with McKee’s front bowl and moves it away from the head to the back leaving McKee with nowhere to go - Mckee looks at the head, smiles and walks up to Brett to shake hands and thus Brett goes into the second round. 7,6 - 7,5