New Zealand’s Andrew Kelly is ‘royally’ dispatched

23 January, 2018

Last match of the day saw England’s Mark Royal facing up to New Zealand’s Andrew Kelly. Kelly had come through the first round after beating Alex Marshall MBE in a good match and hoped his form would hold out for the second round match. Royal knew he had to play well to beat this New Zealand qualifier and had said, “ I am well up for this match. I am going to have to play well against Kelly if he develops the form he showed in his first match”.

Into the first set and it was Royal that picked up a triple in the first end but Kelly put a direct stop on that as he picked off three singles in quick succession. Not to be outdone it was Royal who then put the brakes on by taking a triple on the fifth end to go 6,3 up. Kelly sideswiped a single on the next end but again Royal came to the fore as he swiftly took a triple and a single away from Kelly in the next two ends to take the first set 10,4.

Into the second set and Kelly took a well earned single in the first end but again Royal came back to take a triple and a single in the next two ends. Kelly again dug his heels in and swiftly reolied with another two well earned singles going into the sixth end 4,3 down. Again Royal came on strong and picked up yet another triple in the sixth with Kelly chasing hard with good bowls to take a single and a double in the next two ends to go into the last end only one shot behind Royal.  Kelly needed a double to force the tie break and at one stage it looked as if he might do that but it was Royal that stole a final single to take the second set and match 8,6.