New Zealand’s Andrew Kelly into the second round of the Open Singles

17 January, 2018

Second match of the day was Scotland’s 6times World Indoor Champion, Alex Marshall MBE up against New Zealand Qualifier Andrew Kelly. Marshall took two shots on the opening end, however, it was very clear that Kelly was going to be a tough opponent as he played superbly on the next two ends to take two singles in quick succession. Into end four and again Marshall was holding shot, Kelly fired and took a double off Marshall. Again in the next two ends it was Kelly that took two singles of Marshall. In the remaining three ends though it was Marshall that managed 3 singles, not enough as Kelly took the first set 5,6.

The second set started Kelly’s way as he took a double and a triple off Marshall in quick succession and it became apparent that there was something not quite right with Marshall. He did not say anything but he looked out of sorts. Marshall took a double in end three but thereafter it all went Kelly’s way. Not to take anything away from Kelly as he played superbly throughout and his running shots were deadly, as time and time again, he outdid Marshall and took the remaining ends of the second set to take the set 2,10 and match. Kelly goes through to the second round where he faces England’s Mark Royal.