Mulholland takes early flight home

6 May, 2016

In the Co-operative Funeralcare European Masters Finals here at Blackpool Newton Hall Holiday Park it was John McHutchison from Scotland that saw off Neil Mulholland from Ireland. It was a good match with McHutchison playing the big bowls when needed. In the first set it was three all at the 5th end, McHutchison taking a single on the 6th and Mulholland powered a triple out of the 7th. McHutchison took a last minute single on the 8th end and it was another good bowl by McHutchison that gave him a double to take the first set 7-6.

Into the second set and it was McHutchison that seemed to be the player that came out of the blocks with a determined effort and no matter what Mulholland played it was McHutchison that played really well to deny and dent in the scoring and by end 5 he was in the lead with a 7-3 score. Taking a triple on the 6th it was end 7 where Mulholland managed to hold off with a triple and for a moment it looked as if there was a fight back on the cards - alas- it was not to be as McHutchison played a superb shot to wrest Mulhollands bowls away from the jack to take a single and match win on the 8th end. 7,6 - 11,6