Mower is the WBT under 25 Professional World Indoor Champion 2016

23 January, 2016

The final of the World Indoor Under 25’s Singles here at Potters Resort was between Joseph Mower and Ross Owen, bDSC_0491oth of whom had battled through two tough semi finals earlier in the day. Imnto set 1 and it was Mower that got off to a great start going 5-2 up by the 5th end despite Ross playing very well. Over the next few ends the two youngsters swapped shots and ends slipped away for Owen. As Mower picked off singles and went into end 9 7-4 up. End 10 all went wrong for Ross and Mower picked up another double to clinch the set 9-4

Second set and Owen opened up with a treble Owen & Mowerand Mower responded by taking 4 shots over the next three ends to take the score 4-3 to Mower. Then it was the turn of Ross, taking the next five ends in succession to take the score to 4-11 to Ross in the 9th end. Mower still fought on but could only make a single in the 10th to see the set slip away and go into a tie break. Both players fought with superb bowls and got one end each – third end of the tie break it was Mower that held the final two shots with Ross one bowl left to play and Ross just slid past Mowers bowl and jack with millimetres to spare and it was Mower that got the tie and match to be crowned the Under 25 Champion for 2016.