Mower blisters into the inaugural WBT World Indoor U’25 Final

Mower Action
23 January, 2016

In the inauguraMower Actionl new World Indoor Under 25’s World Indoor Championship here at Potters Resort it was Englands International, Jake Wilgress, who was up against the young Joseph Mower, International from Wales. Mower showed little nerves as he stepped out onto the portable rink and it was Mower that completely dominated the rink for the whole of the first set. Wilgress was on the ropes as he just could not find his line to start with and it was Mower that took full advantage of this by putting Wilgress under pressure at almost every end with his first bowls. On several ends though Wilgress played some superb timing shots but it was clear that lady luck was not sitting on his shoulders as each time the jack just seemd to spring to Mower. First set went 15-0 to Mower.

Wilgress ActionInto the second set and again it was a repeat of the first set as Mower, completely at ease, played superbly and every time Wilgress got near the jack it was Mower that played with supreme confidence to remove any bowl that threatened him. By the 7th end Mower was 5-3 in the lead and again, despite some really good bowls from Wilgress, it was Mower that played them away to the second set 6-4 and he goes into the final