Moulton makes the final of the World Indoor Under 25’s

25 January, 2020

In the International Arena here in Norfolk in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Under 25’s Championships it was the first of the semi finals and going through to meet each other for their first go on the famous blue portable rink were Jesse Russell from New Zealand and William Moulton from England.

Russell delivers his bowl as Moulton looks on

Into the first set it was Moulton that settled first as he built up a nine shot lead against the New Zealander, Russell, by end four. End five and it was Russell that played a great shot and took a three count but it was Moulton that picked that three straight back in the next end. Ends seven and eight they both managed a single apiece and the first set was over with a win from Moulton 4,13.

Moulton in action

Russell had settled and found his way on the portable and was a bit more relaxed going into the second set and by end five it was only four all. End six was a great scrap between them but it was Moulton that managed to pick off a good three to take the scoreline to 4,7 up. Russell played an attacking end with some great drives and it was he that took a count for two on end seven and then repeated this for end eight where he went 8,7 up. It looked as if there was a possible tie break on the way as in end nine it was Russell that held shot but then Moulton played a superb bowl to take away a count for two as he closed the second set and match 8,9.