Mervyn King makes the quarter finals

9 March, 2016

First match of the day here saw Kody Olthof from Canada up against England’s Mervyn King and it was a bit of a scrappy affair to start with with both players looking for their length out there on the rink. Olthof was struggling to get his weight against King but King was also fishing a bit to start with. King had managed to build an 8-4 lead up against Olthog by the 7th end but then it all changed in the 8th as King seemingly lost all control of weight and let Olthof in for a maximum count of 4 leaving the score at 8 all into the 9th end. It went down to the last bowl from King who only just managed to grab a single to take the first set. Into the second set and King resumed normal service and left Olthof standing as he was still struggling to get the perfect weight. King varied the mat length at every end giving Olthof no opportunity to settle into the second set and it was King that took the second set and match. 8-9, 3-9