Mervyn King battles through first round

6 March, 2016

It was Mervyn King against qualifier Michael Cheeseman in the third match of the afternoon here at Newton Hall that produced a really good tight and close game for the audience. In the first set neither player got away to a head start and such was the standard that at end 7 it was 6 all. Cheeseman took a single away from King in end 8 and into end 9 it was looking as if it would be Cheeseman taking the first set but it was King that dug deep and played a super bowl to take a single and tie the set. The second set was a repeat of good bowls and again it was tied at 6 all on the 7th end. Down in the head it was King that played a good bowl to convert to take a double leaving Cheeseman looking for a double to tie the second set and force a tie break. Cheeseman laid a double and King again played a superb shot with his bowl to take one away, leaving Cheeseman needing to either play a dead perfect draw or a slight play for King’s bowl. Cheeseman selected the shot and played and was just a fraction wide, taking only a single and it was King that went through to the second round. 7-7, 8-7