Merrien gets past falkner to book her place in the Ladies Singles final

23 January, 2019

The remaining Ladies semi final between Ellen Falkner, newly crowned Mixed Pairs Champion and Alison Merrien MBE from Guernsey took place this evening in front of a packed audience in the Arena.

Alison Merrien MBE & Ellen Falkner

It has to said that neither player really got to grips with the ever changing rink but it was Merrien that found her line a bit quicker than Falkner to start with and she soon built up a fair lead in the shots department. By the close of end five Merrien was 6,2 up. End six though and it was Falkners turn to come away with two shots to close the gap again. But it was Merrien that finished off the first set on the last two ends to take a single and a double 9,4.

Alison Merrien MBE

Second set and again it was Merrien that gradually drew away from Falkner, not that Falkner was bad but several ends things just did not go her way and by end five it was 4,3 to Merrien. It has to be said that on several ends even if Falkner did hold shot it was the devastating strike of Merrien that produces results, mostly in Merrien’s favour. End six and Merrien came away with a treble and with two singles on ends seven and eight it was set and match to Merrien 9,3. Merrien goes into tomorrow’s final to face off against Scotland’s Julie Forrest at 1pm live on BBC.