McPeak denied by an all at Sea Brett

7 November, 2016

World no 1 Nick Brett was all at Sea in his first set at the Scottish International Open. Struggling to get to grips with the rink he saw his opponent, experienced Irish player Mark McPeak, play consistently well enough to take the first set 10.2. In the second set the world indoor singles champion Brett had to grind out a win against an equally determined McPeak. It was fair to say that both players had their opportunites that were missed. It was Brett managing to pick up a ‘count me four’ on end six to make sure the game would go into a tie break.

The tie break was a nail biter. Brett won the first end but McPeak won the second. And it was a running bowl from Brett that moved the jack to the side of the rink at the last end. Both players tried to draw across the rink with Brett just getting the better bowl in. McPeak played a runner with his last and it was a relieved Brett that saw McPeaks bowl miss by a fractional margin and the World No1 stepped into the second round line up with a much relieved look on his face .