Mcpeak books his slot in the European Masters Final at blackpool

8 May, 2016

It was Ireland’s MaMcPeak (2)rk McPeak against England’s Gary Smith for a place in the remaining final here at Blackpool Newton Hall Holiday Park at the Co-operative Funeralcare European Masters in the first match of the morning and what a match that was. Nail biting stuff from both players, in the first set 4all at 6 ends. Smith with a single in the 7th, McPeak with a double in the 8th and playing a good bowl for single to take the first set from Smith 7-5.

Into the second set with Mcpeak 2-5 down in the start of the 5th end, played a conversion to take treble to level the scores at 5 all. Smith takes a treble in the 6th end with McPeak taking a single in the 7th. Smith takes a double in the 8th to go 10-6 ahead. Into the final end of the second set, Smith lays shot and tie break looming, McPeak has the last bowl and plays the shot of the tournament - superb line, inch perfect weight and removes Smith’s bowl, trails the jack and picks up 4 shots to tie the set and take the match - absolutely perfect bowl played!!! 7,5 - 10,10. A match not be missed on: