Marshall plays his way right into the semi’s

8 March, 2018

Second quarter final of the day here in the Co-op Funeralcare International Open was between England’s Robert Paxton and the six times World Indoor Champion, Scotland’s Alex Marshall MBE. Some great bowls played throughout the match and both players were in great form. It was Marshall though that got off to a great start, just edging out Paxton on most ends taking a four shot lead by close of end five. Paxton managed to get a nibble on end six to take a single. End seven though was a different story as Marshall swiped a treble away from Paxton to go 2,8 in the lead leaving Paxton with a lot of work to do to regain control. End eight and Paxton held a close two which Marshall could not dislodge and Paxton went into the last end looking for a full count to level the set. Marshall was having none of that and placed some great bowls and took the final end with a single for the set 4,9.

Second set and yet again both players were at each other and neither was getting away with anything in the first half of the set as it became 4 all in the fifth end. Marshall outplayed Paxton in the next two ends to take a double and a single to go 4,7 up. A single on end eight for Paxton put the set in striking distance for Paxton in end nine but it was not to be as Marshall held a single and then spaced his bowls out giving Paxton absolutely nowhere to go to get the three he needed and Paxton gracefully acknowledged and the set and Match went to Marshall, 4,9 - 5,8.