marshall makes it in the tie break

3 November, 2019

The opening match of the second day of the Scottish International Open here at Perth was a mouth watering one between 6 times World Indoor Champion, Alex Marshall MBE, and the up and coming PBA qualifier who is just hovering outside the elite top 16, Norfolk’s Wayne Willgress.

Willgress showed he meant business as he took a count of three in the first end of the match. Marshall responded over the next two ends with a single and a double and it was Willgress to go ahead again with a single in end four. Marshall then upped his game as he does and no matter what Willgress put in it was Marshall with precision bowling that took the next four ends to close the first set out 10,4. It was not that Willgress was playing baldy, quite the opposite but it was Marshall that was outstanding.

The second set was almost a reversal of the first as it was Willgress that produced outstanding bowls and a terrific performance. Taking three shots over the first two ends, only allowing Marshall to get two singles in the next two ends. Willgress then took the next four ends to take a 3,8 lead. With Marshall only managing a single in end eight it was set to Willgress 3,8.

The tie was an incredible affair of bowl for bowl but it was Marshall the played the precision perfect bowls and he emerged as the match winner. Well wortha watch on worldbbowlstour facebook stream page.