Marshall and Foster clinch the tie breaker

11 January, 2019

It was Scotland’s duo of Alex Marshall MBE & Paul Foster MBE next who were up against the Welsh Qualifiers Damian Doubler and Daniel Salmon and this was a great match to watch in the Arena. With all four players sending down some good bowls neither side was getting away too quickly and in the first set it was Marshall and Foster in the lead on the fourth end 5,3. In the fifth end it was Marshall and Foster that took a double to go 7,3 in the lead and it looked as if they would be streaking ahead. But Doubler and Salmon were having none of it as they continued to put pressure on the Scots and managed to take a double on end six and ere looking like possibly getting a double to break even on the set – it was Marshall that played a great bowl to cut this down to a single and Foster / Marshall took the first set 7,6.

Damian Doubler, Paul Foster MBE, Alex Marshall MBE and Daniel Salmon

Into the second set it was the Welsh duo who piled on the pressure and by end four were 1,7 up. End five was a bit of a loose end from them and Foster/Marshall took a solid triple off them but again the Welsh pair dug in their heels and took the last two ends with two singles to take the second set 4,9 and into the tie break. The Scots took the first end with a great finish bowl but again the Welsh duo fought back – holding shot for the second end with one bowl left to go which was Marshall’s it was a terrific difficult shot which was played to the side spot and Marshall got it perfectly on the fast running rink. Shot and match to the Scottish pair who go through to face Jamie Chestney and Mark Dawes tomorrow with a match score of 7,6 – 4,9 – 2,0.