Marshall and Forrest into the Mixed Pairs Semi’s

Marshall & Forrest (2)
15 January, 2016

Second Quarter final of the World InMarshall & Forrest (2)door Mixed Pairs was between Alex Marshall MBE & Julie Forrest against Andy Thomson MBE & Cliodhna Eadie and what looked to be a good match on paper proved to be so as both pairs kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Into end 6 of the first set it was 4 all. In the next two ends it was Thomson & Eadie that took a single and a double to go 7-4 up and then in the most bizarre of twists it was Marshall & Forrest that got a four on the last end to go one in front and take the first set 8-7.

Into the second set and Marshall & Forrest opened well taking a single and Thomson & Eadiedouble on the first two ends, Thomson & Eadie responding taking a double on the 3rd end and then it was nip and tuck between the two pairs. Going into the 8th end it was Marshall & Eadie that had gone ahead 7-5 and then it was Thomson that had to play shots to try to get 3 to win the second set and force a tie break but it was not to be, gaining two singles brought the second set to 7-all so it was Marshall & Forrest that went through with a match score of 8-7, 7-7