Mark Royal returns to form and reaches quarter finals

9 March, 2016

In the first match of the afternoon it was the England duo of Mark Royal v Robert Paxton. Royal has had a few lean years but enjoys a superb return to form and this continued in this match. This was a match that is well worthy of watching on our Youtube channel ( - superb bowls from both players to an audience that was riveted to their seats. In the first set it was Royal that was playing bowls to literal millimetres and no matter what Paxton produced Royal just inched his way in all the time and it was Royal that took the first set 9-2 - gripping stuff. This was repeated in reverse in the second set by Paxton and at 6all in the 8th end it was Paxton that took the last end with a stunning show and forced a tie break. Again both players were playing at the top of the tree and it went one end apiece - it was Royal that sealed Paxtons fate with the last end and Royal goes through to the quarter finals. 9-2, 6-7, 2-1