Chestney and Doig beat local favourites to get the berth in the Mixed pairs final

21 January, 2018

Last match of the afternoon was the second Mixed Pairs semi final between England’s Jamie Chestney with Scotland’s Lesley Doig against Greg Harlow and Katherine Rednall of Ipswich. A much anticipated match as both Greg and Katherine had a good local following so the seats in the International Arena were filled with an eager crowd for a local home grown win!!!

They were not disappointed as it very quickly became a match of attrition from both sides. In set one neither side really got ahead of each other and it was a very low shot count. By end 6 of the set it was level pegging at 5 all and it was Chestney that sealed the set with a single shot on the last end to take the set 6,5. The second set was a humdinger of an affair with Chestney and Doig looking as if they might just creep ahead by the 5th end as they were 5-3 up. But then Rednall and Harlow just edged their way taking two superb singles on the last two ends to make the second set a draw of 5 all. This was not enough to get through to the final as Chestney and Doig had won the first set and therefore go through to the final to meet up against Darren Burnett and Rebecca Field.