ladies defending champion rednall gets through the first quarter final

19 January, 2019

The first quarter final here in the International Arena at Potters Resort was the Professional Bowls Association qualifier from Falkirk, Melanie Darroch up against the Reigning Champion from Ipswich, Katherine Rednall.

Katherine Rednall & Melanie Darroch

The first set was a tight affair with the defending champion having to bring all her skills to the table to stay with the play in the first half of the set. It was Darroch that took the first two ends with a single and then a full house of four. End three and a mistake from Darroch left Rednall with an easy count of three but Darroch struck right back in end four to take a triple and balance the books. The Rednall raised her game and swiftly took the next three ends with a single and two doubles to level the set at eight all. End eight and it was Darroch that played an outstanding bowl to take a single and go one shot in the lead. Final end and it was Rednall holding shot with a single bowl right beside the jack but Darroch just could not get it so it was Rednall that closed the set at 9,9.

Second set and it was a story of two side, Rednall had definitely stepped up her game and Darroch just seemed to lose her edge slightly as Rednall took a triple in the first end and Darroch managed to get a double in the second end. Rednall kept up the pressure on Darroch and took two singles in ends three and four but then Darroch seemed to lose way slightly and Rednall took full advantage and over the next three ends it was a double, triple and single and the set and match 9,9 – 11,2 and goes through to the final here next Wednesday afternoon live on BBC Television.

Katherine Rednall