king’s ‘crown’ slips as he leaves the championships

26 January, 2017
2014 winner Darren Burnett added to the Scottish quarter final  challenge when he took the opening set 7-5 with a single on the last and in the second once again did the business on the last end, drawing   two shots to a displaced jack in the  ditch to end the hopes of  local Norfolk star and  2006 winner Mervyn King. to square the set at 6-6 and saw him through by one and a half set to a half
Burnett admitted ” I seem to have had more than my fare share of  evening matches over the years and the carpet is always so dead during that session and doesn’t react very well to anything.   It was just so heavy that it was like playing outdoors.  You just have to push, push, push all the time.  I controlled the early ends because I controlled the jack length.”