Kingjust scrapes over the line to the semi finals

8 March, 2018

The third quarter final in the Co-op Funeralcare International Open was a game after the Lord Mayors show for both players. Neither player really showed the form that they had had in their previous matches and it did turn into a rather scrappy affair in parts. In the first set it was England’s Mervyn King that had the edge on Jason Greenslade form Wales. Though both players had plenty of short bowls throughout it was King that managed to put the better ends together and the set levelled out at 5 all in the seventh end and it was then also that King suddenly switched on! Playing some great bowls he snuck another great double to go 7,5 and although Greenslade tried his hardest he only managed to grab a single in end nine so it was King’s set at 7,6.

Second set and King started off well taking the first three ends to go 7,0 ahead but then the wheels came right off as Greenslade suddenly powered up and King dropped off! Greenslade took seven shots off King over the next four ends to level the score 7 all. King took end eight with a single but it was Greenslade that managed to hold it together to take a double and set 8,9. Into the tie break and again neither player was really nailing it, both had short and wide bowls but it was King that managed to take the first end. Into the second and yet again neither player was brilliant but King put in a good bowl which Greenslade just could not dislodge so it was end two to King and he goes through to the semi finals tomorrow.