king wins the last battle for the remaining quarter final berth

7 November, 2018

Last match of the day in the second round of the Scottish International Open was between qualifier Philip Last from Ipswich and World No.11, Mervyn King from Norfolk. It was King that found the pace and rink before Last and in the first set King went 2,5 up by the fifth end. Last then suddenly found his feet and managed a double on end six and then followed a hard fight between the two and it was Last that managed to find 3 singles over the next three ends to take the first set 7,5.

Into the second set and it was King that started off well taking a single followed swiftly by a treble. Last fought gamely and grabbed a single away from King in the third end but that was the last shot he was allowed as King demonstrated how well he can play when in the groove. Taking a further seven shots off Last over the next five ends it was King that took the second set 1,11.

Into the tie break and King was solid in his performance, no matter what Last produced King went one better and it was King over the line first as he took end one and two in succession. It really was not that Last had played badly, more that King had risen to the top and stayed there.