king scrapes in to the second round

3 November, 2019

England’s Mervyn King faced up to PBA Qualifier John Carswell from Scotland in the 3rd match of the afternoon in the Scottish International Open and this was a match that Carswell really wanted to win. Having qualified on a few occasions before Carswell felt he had the experience know to take on the portable rink and it’s challenges.

King took quite a few ends to settle in against an on form Carswell and was 2,5 down by end 6. It was Carswell that was just finding his way a bit better than King and by the 7th end he was 2,8 up. King only mananged to take a single on the 8th end which was not enough so it was first set to Carswell 3,8.

Carswell finding the line well in set 1

Second set and Carswell opened it up with a double on the first end but it was King that settled in and took the next four ends with a great 10 shots in total. Carswell responded with a count of three in the 6th end but King nullified that taking a three in end 7. With Carswell only getting a single on end 8 the 2nd set went to King 13,6 and the tie break loomed.

First end of the tie break looked as if was going to Carswell but it was King that pulled it out of the bag and first end to King. Second end went to Carswell with a brilliant last minute bowl - the 3rd end was nip and tuck but it was King that finally managed to get that vital single shot to take the match and go forward to the second round.