king draws and featherby goes out

5 November, 2016

Australia’s Lisa Featherby faced up against England’s Mervyn King in the second match of the afternoon and it was a supremely confidant King that opened up against Featherby who freely admitted after her match that she was very nervous about her first appearance on the famous blue portable rink. ” It took me too long to get used to it”, she said.

Mervyn was drawing superbly  and this showed as he cruised through the first set 15,5. Into the second set Featherby found her way a little better and it was 3 all on the 4th end. However, it was King that carried on his superb drawing, always edging out Featherby, who had started to show a great improvement but it was too late. Although she did manage to up her game it was King that demonstrated once again that he is a master of the draw shot and he went on to take the set and match 15,5 – 7,5.