Jamie Chestney and Lesley Doig are the new World Indoor Mixed Pairs Champions

23 January, 2018

It’s the ‘Just’ 2018 World Indoor Mixed Pairs Final and the International Arena was packed to the gills with eager audience and they were not disappointed. Darren Burnett & Rebecca Field up against Jamie Chestney & Lesley Doig. What a match, top quality star studded bowls were played, audience oohing and aaahing as shots were missed by the tightest of margins, draw bowls played to millimetres and trick shots of plants onto bowls to get results – they were all played to perfection.


Set one was amazingly tight with only five shots being scored in the first five ends. The first double came in end six by Burnett and Field but it was end seven that Chestney and Doig took with an amazing treble to take them well into the lead at 3,7. They went on to take a further single in end eight and it was Chestney that held off a late burst to allow only a last single to Burnett and Field. Set one went to Chestney and Doig 4,8.


Set two was filled with superb bowls from all four and again the first four ends were tight finishing up at 2,3 to Chestney and Doig. Burnett and Field took a great treble on end five but then it was brilliance on Chestney and Doig on the next two ends to see a double and a single being taken. End eight and it was Burnett’s turn to dazzle the audience as he took a single to level the match at 6 all. Into the last end and Chestney and Doig were down with a count of two against them, enough to force a tie break – Chestney had last bowl and discussed with Doig a tricky two bowl angled plant shot which would give them shot. This needed absolute perfection as the plant had to also slice the jack to a wing back bowl. Chestney stood on the mat looking as calm as a cucumber, lined himself up, then delivered his timing bowl with a bit of weight – absolute perfection and it came off and Chestney and Doig take the set, match and World Mixed Pairs 2018 Championship.