‘Holty’ has returned!!

9 November, 2015

John Price from Wales faced off with David Holt, now from Australia, at the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open and it was a good opening from Price taking a triple off Holt in the first end. Holt replied taking 4 shots over the next three and at the end of the 5th end it was 5 all. Both players were playing well but it was Holt who managed to come out on top and he took the first set 9 shots to Price’s 9. This seemed to give Holt a massive boost as he powered into the second set and literally ran ablaze, leaving Price with no room and when Price did get close he simply seemed to promptly remove the offenders out of his way. He stormed through the set leaving a valiant attempt by Price to stop this in his wake and took the set 11-2