harrison fights hard but it is burnett through

16 January, 2020

Last match of the afternoon was between Scotland’s Darren Burnett and England qualifier Kevin Harrison here at Potters Resort on the portable rink.

Harrison & Burnett

Harrison opened up the first set taking two shots on the first two ends before Burnett could respond with a two count on end three. Harrison then promptly took a great single away from Burnett in end four but again Burnett responded on the next two ends with a pair of doubles to go 6,3 in the lead. Over the next three ends the bowls were superb and it was nip and tuck between them but it was Harrison that gained the upper hand as he took three successive singles to level the set at 6 all.

Into the second set and it was Burnett that opened up taking two singles with a counter single being claimed by Harrison.It was Burnett then that produces his best to take four ends of a hard fighting Harrison to go 7,1 up by end seven. Try as he might Harrison could only manage to take ends eight and nine from Burnett with a double and a single. Second set 7,4 and match to Burnett