Harlows bowls lead him to semi final berth

7 November, 2019

The first quarter final of the day here on the portable rink at the Dewars Centre saw England’s Mervyn King, No 11 in the World rankings facing up to fellow countryman, World No. 2, Greg Harlow.

Both players were playing well and it was a game of nip and tuck, neither player getting away with much. The first half of set one was Harlow’s as he too a 2,7 lead by end five. Then the pendulum swung and it was King that just started to outperform Harlow in the second half - however Harlow was playing extremely well and held of King, only allowing him to get a single count on each end and this was enough for Harlow to take the first set by one shot. 6,7.

Mervyn watching the line of his bowl

The second set and this time it was Harlow from the off going 8,0 up by end five. King was still playing well but just not quite getting the ‘rub’ of the bowls. Time and time again he just slithered past by mere inches, but at this level it was enough to allow Harlow remain in control. Twice King played a running bowl, twice he was on target but the jack just seemed to like going to Harlow’s bowls. Second set to Harlow 1,9 and this scoreline does not truly reflect the standard of bowls on display this morning.