Harlow through first round

6 March, 2016

Greg Harlow took on the “Iceman”, Robert Chisholm in the second match of the morning and it was a match of two halves. In the first set it was nip and tuck between Harlow and Chisholm with neither player really getting away. Into the 7 end it was 6 all and Harlow sneaked a single to go into the last end one up. Lying shot and match for Harlow it was Chisholm who managed to just edge Harlow’s bowl away to force a drawn first set.

Into the second set and it was Harlow that upped the stakes and simply demolished Chisholm to go 10-0 up by the 5th end, despite two superb following ends from Chisholm to take a double and a triple and then played one of the most unusual tactical ends to try to force a full house of four away from Harlow. It was Harlow who spotted what was afoot and thwarted Chisholms effort by a precision placed bowl leaving Chisholm with simply no shot to play and it was Harlow that went through in two sets with a scoreline of 7-7, 15-5.