harlow sustains injury but pulls himself through

7 November, 2016
Defending Champion Greg Harlow made the perfect start here at the Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open 2016 by taking the first set of his first game without reply 11.0 against the Welsh Qualifier Damian Doubler. Billed as one of the highlight games of the first round it was expected to be a tight affair. But Harlow showed his class by not letting Doubler get a look in in the first set. It was during the first set that Harlow suddenly winced in pain and you could immediately see that it looked as if he had seriously pulled a muscle and damaged his right leg as he hobbled on the rink.
Set two Doubler started better and Harlow, carrying an injury he suffered in the first set, seemed to be struggling. Doubler picked up a four at end five to take a 6.4 lead. Limping as he played,  the World No 4 Harlow fought to remain in the set and at the last end was only one behind at 6.7. Could he get over the line? A tie would be enough after his outstanding first set win.  With his last bowl he just came up short and Damian took the end on a measure.
Tie break time. End one was won by an impressive runner from Harlow.  Second end and Harlow used all his conce ntration to finish the game off with a 2.0 win in the tie break. Experience, grit and determination got defending Champion Harlow over the line. Doubler played well but it is never nice to see a top class athlete struggling with an injury. Can Harlow fully recover before round two tomorrow?.