Harlow passes the stop sign

13 November, 2015

The second Semi final wDSC_0286as an England versus Scotland affair, with Greg Harlow from City of Ely Club facing Abroath Policeman Darren Burnett. Harlow the 2010 World Champion, Burnett the 2014 World Champion, who could call this game? The first set Harlow dominated till end eight were Burnett picked up a three count to give himself a chance at 7.9 playing the last. Burnett holds three with Harlow one bowl to come he drives and takes one shot out but Burnett pick up two shots and the first set is tied at 9.9. Has the policeman, who was in court with a case just this morning, played his get out of jail card again?

DSC_0289First end of the second set and Harlow picks up a three with three superb drawing deliveries. End two and its Burnett takes the honours, calliper measure shows two shots to Burnett. The highest of quality bowls from both players. End three and Harlow consolidates his lead with a three shot count and edges 6.2 in front. Burnett stops the flow and counts a shot to make the score 6.3 to Harlow. Next end Burnett hold three only to see a superb drive by Harlow take the bowls out and run the jack to his own red bowl. Harlow draws in for two and widens the gap to 8.3 after five ends of the second set. End six and Burnett holds shot until Harlow tips his own bowl in, Burnett fires and when the dust settles is still one down. 9.3 Harlow with three ends to play. Can Burnett pull the scoreline back again like he did in the first set or will Harlow not allow the repeat? Burnett rallies and picks up three shots taking us to 6.9 with two ends to play.  Burnett holds two shots at the next end, Harlow plays into the head and comes off holding a shot. Burnett draws in for shot and Harlow misses by fractions. 9.7 to Harlow playing the last end of the second set. Nerves at the ready for a brilliant end of bowls from both players. Burnett fails to get the two shots he needs to tie the set and its Harlow who steps into the final.