Harlow on top form and into the quarter finals

7 March, 2018

Last match of the day here at Blackpool Newton Hall Holiday Park in the Co-op Funeralcare International Open and was between PBA Qualifier Scott Edwards and the Worlds No 1, Greg Harlow. Edwards had come through the first round beating Reigning World Indoor Champion Mark Dawes and was feeling really good and at the same time Harlow had got a decent win over Zvika Hadar of Israel. Into the first set and it was Harlow that steamed into the lead not looking back as Edwards struggled to compete. Edwards really did not find any settled play until the seventh end by which time he was 8 shots behind an on form Harlow. Ends seven and eight though did change as Edwards got comfortable and although he lost the first set 5,10 he was at least looking more comfortable.

Into set two and it was Edwards that suddenly turned the tables on Harlow and started to produce outstanding quality bowls. End four and Edwards was 5,1 up and looking good but then Harlow just seemed to up it a little and he took the next two ends with a single and a double to only be one shot behind at 5,4. End seven and after all eight bowls had been delivered it was a measure for shot. After a tight caliper measure it was called a tied end, no shot declared. End eight and after a tight tussle Edwards took a single to go 6,4 up. Last end and with Edwards holding set lie for a tie break Harlow drew shot and they each had one bowl left - Edwards dropped a fraction short and Harlow held his nerve and slid in shot number two producing a tied set at 6 all which was enough to see Harlow through to the quarters.