Harlow makes the World Singles Quarter Finals

21 January, 2016

Darren BurnettHarlow from Scotland was up against Greg Harlow from England and played in a packed arena here at Potters Resort. It was a totally focussed Harlow that stepped out to tackle this match and an equally determined Burnett that faced him on the portable rink. Neither playing giving way it was a tight start as they traded ends and by end 5 it was 3-5 to Harlow. Harlow just seemed to have the edge on Burnett and the turn came in end 6 as Harlow slotted away a treble, Burnett only managing to grab a single in return on end 7 which left him looking for at least a single in end 8 to stay in the set, it was not to be as Harlow denied him that as Harlow took a single and set 4-9.Burnett Action

Into the second set and despite everything that Burnett threw at Harlow it was Harlow that took four singles in a row off Burnett in the first four ends. Burnett sliced away Harlow in end 5 to grab a triple. Harlow came straight back at Burnett taking two singles in ends 6 & 7 leaving the score at 3-6 to Harlow. Burnett swiped a double away from Harlow on the 8th end making it 5-6 meaning that Burnett required a minimum of a double to force the much needed tie break – despite all efforts and a superb last bowl from Burnett he was only able to snatch a single to make the set drawn at 6 all so it was Harlow that went through into the quarter finals of the World Singles by two sets. 4-9, 6-6.