harlow makes the second round

4 November, 2019

Last match of the day and also of the first round was between World No 2, Greg Harlow, and qualifier Alexander Elwell from Australia.

It was Elwell that got off to a great start in the first set, he seemed to have picked the pace and line of the fast running portable rink up quicker than Harlow as he moved into a 3,5 lead by the fifth end. Elwell went on to take a further single in the sixth end and it was beginning to look as if he might make it over the line in the first set. It was then that Harlow seemed to suddenly find his pace as he fought back with a single in end seven, then again in end eight and finally just managed to hold off Elwell with a double in end nine to take the first set rather miraculously 7,6.

Elwell in his trial ends

The second set saw Harlow seemingly regain both form and it was Elwell that was caught slightly as he tried to fend off an attacking Harlow. Elwell was playing well but once or twice the ‘rub of the bowl’ just did not go his way and he found himself 6,2 down by the fourth end. Holding his nerve he took two well earned singles off Harlow in ends five and six but Harlow again managed to hold a single count on the next two ends to make it 8,4 and impossible for Elwell to force the tie break. I fancy WBT will be seeing a lot more of Alex Elwell in the future!