Harlow into the quarter finals

25 January, 2018

In the second round of the World Open Singles it was PBA Qualifier Scott Edwards going in to face the local hero of World Ranked No. 1, Greg Harlow. Another match with top quality bowls and shots being produced Edwards was just about holding his own against a vastly more experienced player in Harlow and the set score on end 4 was 3,4 to Harlow. Edwards then rattled the bowls and came out with a triple count to go 6,4 in the lead. It was then that Harlow turned on the ‘Harlow magic’ as calmly picked off two doubles and single to seal the first set 6,9.

Into set two and Harlow showed why he was No. 1 as he left Edwards with nowhere to go as Harlow picked him off end after end to be 1,5 up by the start of the fifth end. Edwards kept his nerve though and responded with some great bowls in end five to collect a reward of a double count. Harlow then again switched on the ‘magic’ as he powered through to take the next three ends and set 3,9 to get a berth in the quarter finals here on Friday.