Harlow in shock defeat as wildcard willgress goes through to the singles semi’s

26 January, 2018

The match everyone was waiting for between Potters wildcard, Wayne Willgress from Norwich up against the World Number 1, Greg Harlow. Into the first set and Harlow opened up proceedings in a big way swiftly going 0,6 up against what seemed to be a struggling Willgress. In end five though Willgress did manage to put together a good end to take a double, but again an ice cool No. 1 took the next two ends and set 2,11.

Going into the second set Willgress had slightly regrouped but still it was Harlow that kept him down to minimum counts and it was 5 all going into end seven. Then Harlow scored the maximum count of four in end seven to go four up. Willgress still kept digging in though and took a single in end eight, all Harlow now needed to do was to stop him getting another full house and it was all done and dusted. Then it all came apart, Willgress put in a couple of close ones, Harlow struggled and it was Willgress that suddenly came alive and took a full count of four against Harlow to take the set and force a tie break to the complete shock of Harlow.

Into the tie break, something drastic had happened, suddenly Wayne was alive and on form and it was Harlow that just seemed to lose the way. Willgress takes the first end and we go into the second end. Willgress draws one in reasonably close, Harlow goes through too far – Willgress puts another one a foot away but yet again Harlow gets it wrong as he drops well short. Willgress puts in another, Harlow not there, the tension in the arena is unbelievable and Willgress plays his 3rd and when it comes to rest there is ample space for Harlow but amazingly and he is nowhere near – last bowl each and Willgress puts in another but it is just through but counts – still room for Harlow – the bowls is played and the arena goes wild – Harlow has somehow lost his weight and his bowl is well short. Willgress takes the tie break and match in the most incredible turn arounds of all time. 2,11 – 10,9 – 2,0.