Harlow gets into the Semi-Finals

12 November, 2015

The fourth and final qDSC_0270uarter of the day pitted Greg Harlow against Jonathan Ross. Harlow showed he is a man in form and took the first set without much reply 10.1. Ross got off to a better start in the second set scoring at the first two ends. Harlow then picked up a two and the score was 3.2 to Ross after three ends. Next end two good deliveries from Ross and he leads 5.2. Another end to Ross and the ends in the second set are counting down for Harlow. Could we be into another tie break? The heavens opened over the Dewars centre but the storm was still brewing on the portable rink. Harlow is then three behind with three ends to play. Ross scores a two and the score is 8.3 to Ross with two ends to play in the second set. End eight and Harlow shakes things up with his third delivery but Ross draws in for shot and Harlow misses. Set to Ross.

First end of the tie break. Ross draws shot with his third bowl but leave a lot of room for Harlow. Harlow runs at the head with his third bowl and misses the target he wants. Ross plays positional with his fourth. Harlow plays jack in ditch and gets the perfect contact. First end Harlow. Second end saw Harlow draw the shot then cover position while Ross tried to change things. Ross with his last delivery misses and Harlow takes the final semi final place.

Remember that you can watch all the matches on www.youtube.com/worldbowlstour