Harlow defies Webb for a second round place in the World Singles

18 January, 2017

The second match of the afternoon in the International Arena here was lively and electric after the Rippey win in the earlier match and a much anticipated match next due up between Greg Harlow and Anthony Webb. Webb had arrived with two coachloads of supporters, some of whom had also been supporting Rippey, made the afternoon with a very lively packed stand.

Harlow made his intentions very plain as he calmly went 6-2 in the lead in the first set by the 4th end. Webb managed to take a single away from Harlow in the 5th but it was Harlow with terrific bowls that then took a further double in the 6th end to go 8-3 ahead. Harlow and Webb both took doubles on the next two ends leaving Webb with nowhere to go and first set to Harlow 10-5.

Into the second set and it was a battle between them, supported by a very vigorous arena crowd, Webb opened up the proceedings with a double on the first end. Harlow looked as if he was storming back as he then swamped Webb in the next three ends taking 8 shots in total to bring the scoreline to 8-2 up by the 4th end. It was obvious that many supporters in the crowd were vociferously behind Webb as he then powered his way through the next four ends, taking 7 shots away from Harlow to go 9-8 in the lead with one end to play. Harlow steadied himself and played superb bowls lying shot and Webb just could not get the dead weight bowls he needed and Harlow took a double on the last end to finish the score 10-9. Harlow goes through to face the wonder of Rippey and his keen supporters on Tuesday 24th.