harlow completes the line up for the quarter finals

6 November, 2019

Last match of the day was between World No 2, Greg Harlow and World No 9, Jamie Chestney for the final quarter final slot tomorrow in the Scottish International Open here at Perth.

It was tight in the opening rounds of set one with neither player really getting the edge of each other and by end 5 it was Harlow just in the front 3,4. Harlow then followed with some great bowls in ends 6 and 7 to pick up five shots against Chestney to go 3,9 up. Chestney responded taking a double in end 8 leaving him looking for a full house on the final end to level the set, Harlow though was the one who picked off a good single to clinch the set 5,10.

Chestney on the mat to bowl

The second set started off fairly similarly with Chestney being 3,2 up in the 5th end but again Harlow closed in on him taking the next three ends with a single, a double and a three count to go 3,7 up. Once again Chestney battled hard and picked up a count of three in the 8th end to only be one shot behind going into the final end. Harlow had one bowl left, the last bowl of the end and it was Chestney that lay two shots beside the jack to force that much needed tie break, Greg took a little time to study the head and then played his bowl - he got his line and weight almost perfect as he nestled in to Chestneys bowls to take 2nd shot, leaving Chestney with just a single count to make the set a 7 all draw. Not enough so it was Harlow that goes through to the quarter finals.