Harlow & Brett get swept aside by doubler & Salmon

15 January, 2017

In the last quarter final of the day in the Just 2017 World Indoor Pairs it was Welsh Qualifiers Damian Doubler & Daniel Salmon that faced up against the English duo of Nick Brett and Greg Harlow. On paper everyone had looked at the draw and it was hot favourite for the English duo to be the winning pair from this clash.

In the first set though it soon dawned that the Welsh duo were playing very well and also had that slice of lady luck that every player wants to be sitting on their shoulder in any big match. by the 3rd end Doubler & Salmon were 3-1 ahead. The next two ends saw a single apiece and then the lady luck struck a cruel blow for the English - holding 2 shots to take the first set it was the Welsh pairs last bowl that was going nowhere, have a lucky strike off a wide bowl and end up taking out the English bowls to give the Welsh yet another single and first set to the Welsh 3-5

Into the second set and this totally dominated by the vigorous Welsh pair of  Doubler and Salmon who just seemed to be walking on air as they demolished Brett & Harlow in a 2-8 set win. This takes them through to tomorrows semi final where they face Jamie Chestney & Mark Dawes to set up a very tasty looking semi final.